This is an actual photograph of lightning hitting an aeroplane in the midst of a rainbow.


tonypajahmas submitted:

I heard you wanted selfies


Real back to school essentials


• Headphones
• 3 interesting facts about yourself
• a slightly exaggerated story about what you did this summer

giraffebat replied to your photo: “giraffebat submitted: Selfie :D i love ur hair and ur eyeliner!!!!”:
ahh thankyou! I hope that didnt submit more than once, my internet was being a dumb

it did but thats ok!

giraffebat submitted:

Selfie :D

i love ur hair and ur eyeliner!!!!

Fuseboxes submitted:

I have to do it this way cause ur theme wont let me submit it normally

MY HOT GF *heart eyes emojis*

im remaking my pixel friends so tell me what adventure time character u want from here or here. just send me the link of fan mail or something

mutuals only pls (unless im accidently not following u omg)

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